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scarlettgirl in mom_camp

Team Spirit

We still have campers trickling in *waves to recent arrivals* but there's a bit of business my cohort cindergal</lj>and I want to toss out here now, primarily because I'm jumping ship leaving for vacation and won't be around for the fun and games next week.

We're looking for a few happy campers to act as "Camp Counselor of the Week". What is this onerous task? Well, you get to pick the pool boy of the week (if your of a fannish bent, this is a chance to represent!), the cocktail/summer drink of the week, and pick the camp game of the week* (yes, you can make us all dance like monkeys to *your* tune). Plus! You get a spiffy "Camp Counseler" icon to use. How's that for power?

So, here's our summer schedule, if you'd like to dominate us all volunteer, drop a comment.

June 18: cindergal
June 25: scarlettgirl
July 2: spicklething
July 9: ratphooey
July 16: peacockharpy
July 23: elfgirl
July 30: harmonyfb
August 6: terrylj
August 13:
August 20:
August 27:

Now, the bar is open in the Camp Hall - Cocktails are being served!

*Camp Game of the week can be as goofy as you like. Pick a meme, have us all design our fantasy cabins, play virtual truth or dare or have us all pick out our top five celebrity boy friends. This is camp. In every sense of the word.


I'm game for anything BUT the week of Aug 13. Will be slacking away at the family cabin that week.
I hereby assign you to the week of July 2nd! Start researching your pool boy!
Hmmmm, to come up with a poolboy no one predicts. Now that is the challenge.
I'll do the 9th, shall I?
You've got it!

*doinks you with the camp counselor cheer stick*

I'm up for any of the remaining weekends, so toss me the whistle and the lifeguard shirt whenever you need me.
I hereby christen you "The Queen of the Week of July 16" Start your pool boy!

Hmmmm... pool boys. So many options.
Oh, hell yeah, I'm interested. Put me down for...hmmm...July 30.
It is yours..on a silver platter.
I'm there. Put me down for any week you've got free. :)
July 23 has your name all over it. Be merciful. ;)
I'll volunteer!

...now, who can I possibly pick for my pool-boy?...