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life in philly

ratphooey in mom_camp

Sorry, campers!

I meant to post first thing Monday morning, but life got away from me there for a bit.

I'm sure you all have no idea what that's like.

Anyway, now that we're at about the midpoint of the summer, perhaps we should take stock of how we're doing. How's it going? Are you happy? If not, is there anything you can change to make things better? Sometimes even a small change can make a big difference. Do the kids have enough to do? Or are they (and you) overscheduled? There is still time to make the most of the summertime, even if a course correction is required.

My major complaint (besides the spousage's shortcomings, and goodness knows there's not much I can do about him) is the recent heat wave. The only thing that helps (beyond getting/staying in air conditioned spaces, or large bodies of water) is taking some deep breaths and picturing myself someplace relaxing. Someplace where heat is okay, even good.

Like poolside. With a handsome cabana boy bringing me drinks. Drinks with little umbrellas. And then he gives me a foot massage. And then he...

Okay, you don't need to get carried away. But sometimes taking just a moment to breathe is a good thing.

It may tide you over til cocktail hour!

And it's always cocktail hour somewhere.

As my cabana boy of choice was already taken, I bring you an alternate: 007 cabana boy. Come closer! Closer still (NSFW)!

Now where's that cocktail?


I highly approve of your pool boy. Although looking at him doesn't exactly make me feel cooler. ;-)

::fans self::