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Jun. 12th, 2007

summer - ocean - flip flops


Roll Call...

Name: psubrat
Camp Name: Marchioness Loves to Laugh
Number of Children: 1
Age or Age Range: 15 months
What I Like Best About Summer: Going to the pool or beach. I love the water.
What I Like Least About Summer: The heat and the humidity. And the sweating profusely. ::shudders::
Favorite Drink: Sprite or Sex-on-the-Beach
Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Americone
Tank or Bikini?: Tank. I'm far too endowed and voluptuous to do the bikini thing.
Dream Vacation: I would say a flat in London or an extended stay in Australia (I wanna go back so badly!!).
Mama and Baby



Name: ratphooey
Camp Name: Vicountess Happy Mama, per the name generator, though the actual name I was given by my camping cronies was Princess of the Forest, because every time we went camping, squirrels and chipmunks would approach for treats, and butterflies would land on me and flit around in my wake
Number of Children: 2
Age or Age Range: 2 years, 8 months and 4 and a half months
What I Like Best About Summer: Air conditioning
What I Like Least About Summer: Heat and humidity, and the festival of sweat that ensues
Favorite Drink: Tart lemonade, or a Corona with a wedge of lime crammed down the neck
Favorite Ice Cream: Yes, please!
Tank or Bikini?: Ideally, a Victorian swim dress with complete coverage. Actually, a skirted slimsuit. And SPF gazillion
Dream Vacation: Anywhere with crystal clear water, soft sand beaches, and cool breezes
Moms you'd like to invite to camp: jess_faraday, theodicy

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